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Dear Sir,Pls remove my name THNX.

“The only two American things that made sense to me growing up were hip-hop and barbecue.”
“Ultimately, life is too short to endure horrible food. Unless your livelihood depends on it, stand your ground. Eat that second lunch. Keep the palate-challenged friends at bay. And remember that a satisfying dim-sum feast is always more worthwhile than a food-impaired friendship: It’s cheaper, spicier, and a lot more fun.”



(via South Africa Welcomes Prince Harry, A Brand New Pygmy Hippo - ZooBorns)


@alexisea you need to see this. 
“If Americans want to care about Africa, maybe they should consider evaluating American foreign policy, which they already play a direct role in through elections, before they impose themselves on Africa itself. The fact of the matter is that Nigeria is one of the top five oil suppliers to the U.S., and American policy is interested first and foremost in the flow of that oil. The American government did not see fit to support the Nigeria protests. (Though the State Department issued a supportive statement — “our view on that is that the Nigerian people have the right to peaceful protest, we want to see them protest peacefully, and we’re also urging the Nigerian security services to respect the right of popular protest and conduct themselves professionally in dealing with the strikes” — it reeked of boilerplate rhetoric and, unsurprisingly, nothing tangible came of it.) This was as expected; under the banner of “American interests,” the oil comes first. Under that same banner, the livelihood of corn farmers in Mexico has been destroyed by NAFTA. Haitian rice farmers have suffered appalling losses due to Haiti being flooded with subsidized American rice. A nightmare has been playing out in Honduras in the past three years: an American-backed coup and American militarization of that country have contributed to a conflict in which hundreds of activists and journalists have already been murdered. The Egyptian military, which is now suppressing the country’s once-hopeful movement for democracy and killing dozens of activists in the process, subsists on $1.3 billion in annual U.S. aid. This is a litany that will be familiar to some. To others, it will be news. But, familiar or not, it has a bearing on our notions of innocence and our right to “help.””
the happiest guy in the world. #karma

the happiest guy in the world. #karma

“If you’d rather be at Illinois, stay at Illinois. If you’d rather be at Kansas, go to Kansas. But don’t not go because you don’t think you can live up to what the guy before you did.”
Bill Self’s dad (The Rules of the Game)

just now realizing how dangerous that EJ > TT play was. holy moly.


Last Minute of the KU game last night. Womp! via @lisackenney and the #kubball hashtag.